Originally, Thomas Vicars and his cousin (also Thomas Vicars) opened a modest engineering factory that designed and built machines that enabled quick and easy production of ship biscuits, also known as hard tack.

They designed hand operated dough mixers, cutting machines and ovens and before long were supplying the local bakeries with their equipment. Thus began the journey of T&T Vicars.

When steam ships were invented, making sea travel quicker, the need for biscuits that kept for long periods of time and were rock hard decreased. Instead, people wanted more ‘fancy’ biscuits that were a lot sweeter.

In 1856, T&T Vicars designed and built the first coal or coke-fired travelling plate oven for fancy biscuits. Rates of production were so impressive that even then they could produce 1.5 tonnes of biscuits every day! The demands for biscuit production machinery from both home and abroad increased dramatically as T&T Vicars’ machines became known as the best in the world.

In 1877, the company received Patent Number 623 from Queen Victoria’s prestigious Patent Office. Their reputation grew further, renowned for innovation and solid engineering, and they had to move their premises to a larger site in Earlestown.

By 1890 T&T Vicars had created and built the first machine that could automatically sheet both hard and soft dough and within the next 10 years they built the first embossing and cutting machine that could make up to 80 cuts a minute. This expanded their product range and demand for their equipment soared.  Wafer production grew exponentially out of this development, and T&T Vicars began designing and creating specific machinery for wafers.

It is widely reputed that, by the end of the 1800s, T&T Vicars had created the first mechanically operated wafer oven – the travelling Wafer Oven – which was followed in quick succession by wafer saws, wafer creamers and wafer cutters.


Today, T&T Vicars are committed to producing machinery to the same excellent, world-class standards.  Through the early 20th century, T&T Vicars continued to revolutionise biscuit making. Throughout the rest of the 20th century, the company was sold and reabsorbed into larger organisations, becoming different companies and creating different products, moving further away from the original goals.

In 2009, T&T Vicars resurrected the original name, and its mission is to design, make, sell and service the best wafer machinery in the world. The company has strong links with the original supply base, and will continue to use the key manufacturers, meaning that for 30 years the heart of the wafer production machinery has not been compromised or changed.

Through innovation and world class engineering, T&T Vicars will advance the old and proven technologies to take the world of wafer to whole new levels of excellence.


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